Roseann Sureda knows how to work an audience. Looking like a vintage star,  the sumptuous performer from the Hudson Valley is on the cusp of big things since her gig at The Metropolitan Room two summers ago. 

This was a stellar year for singer-songwriter and producer. Not only did she release her long-awaited debut album, "It's Called Love," this winter, but she has watched it climb the radio indie charts steadily all spring and summer. 


The album, an eclectic and luxuriant collection showcasing Roseann's vocal versatility, has consistently ranked in the top 10 on Jazz Juice Radio UK. Not only that, but it reached No. 3 this summer on the Indie Alliance top 20 chart. She has further made the list of top 10 artists on the Unisoul Radio Network.


She wrote nine original songs on the album, including "Corners of Our Heart,"

 "Through the Eyes of a Friend," "Beauty Of The Islands" and the tantalizing "Stand Up And Be Counted", which was featured on the September 2018 premier of the Amazon TV series "New Dogs, Old Tricks." 


Even before the release of "It's Called Love," Roseann had garnered national praise for her music video set to the title track, which debuted in 2015. Shot on the historic Kingston, NY, waterfront with actor/director Stephen William Tenner, the music video captured first prize in 2018 at the Silicon Beach Film Festival and 5 bronze awards at the Global Independent Film Awards that same year.


Roseann, who got her start singing at the iconic Nevele Grand Hotel in the once-famed Borscht Belt, is not one to rest on her laurels. This summer, she teamed up with Doug Gray and Jose Figueroa of the New York-based Unity Gain Recordings to co-write and record an old-fashioned patriotic song called "American Baby," (Passionardor Remix).


The single, capturing the spirit of America in a nonpolitical manner, features Roseann on vocals backed by The Brotherhood Band. Following its July 1 release, the song quickly gained in popularity and became a favorite anthem at Hudson Valley Independence Day parades, and charted at #1 by Kings of Spins. 


Most recently, Roseann has joined forces with the highly regarded and internationally known Dave Howard Initiative. She performed in mid-August with Howard, a composer, musician and Berklee professor, and his band at La Fabrica Central, a live lounge in Cambridge, Mass. 


That set the stage for future collaborations. Plans are underway for 2020 touring, including one in Malta, where Roseann will sing selections from Howard's latest project, "Infinite Blu," a blend of neo-soul, funk and rhythm and blues. She also anticipates performing her original songs on tour and co-writing new material with Howard. 


As the gifted artist continues to expand her fan base and musical horizons, she is looking ahead to infinite possibilities. One of her goals is to sell her music to other artists and land her original compositions on film and television. On top of that, Roseann excels in producing special events, tailoring them to each unique venue and performing at private parties.


"Sureda Music is a production company as well," she says. "Other than being a recording artist and performer, I write, produce and arrange and specialize in creating a variety of musical styles. “I live to create music. It’s the essence of who I am.”